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Canada Customs

The Regional Customs office for conventions in Ottawa is:

Customs Border Service
Convention and Exhibitions Unit
Northern Ontario Region
Suite 101, 140 Thad Johnston Rd.
Gloucester, Ontario K1B 0R4
Attention: Regional Conventions Coordinator
Tel: (613) 990-6568
Fax: (613) 991-6912

Delegates entering Canada to attend conventions and meetings will be readily assisted by Canada Customs officers. Canada customs has taken steps to simplify customs and excise requirements and ease border crossing formalities. The following procedures and general information apply specifically to U.S. organizations. Information for other countries is available from Canada Customs.

The key factor in a smooth operation is advance notice. If you plan to hold your next meeting in Canada then contact the regional conventions coordinator at Canada customs, in writing, at least three months in advance of the event.

If your plans include the importation of convention related materials or equipment, Canada Customs can authorize on-site customs service to facilitate the movement of all display and demonstration goods. This service, commonly referred to as “portal to portal” privileges is offered free of charge during regular business hours. If you are interested you may request this service in your initial letter to the conventions coordinator. You may also choose to hire a customs broker to provide the initial paper work at the first point of entry. Please click here.

1. Identify your customs broker or the designated representative from you organization who will be responsible for processing the necessary documents through the local Canada Customs Office as the goods arrive.

2. A company or organization importing goods for their own use can designate one of their own employees to present the customs paperwork.

3. Provide the following required information on your organization’s letterhead to the attention of Canada Customs regional Conventions Coordinator:

(a) the full name of the organization, whether it is an incorporated company, an incorporated association or an unincorporated association;

(b) the name of the “designated official”;

(c) a brief list of goods to be imported and exhibits, if applicable;

(d) the name of the hotel or convention centre where the meeting or convention is scheduled to be held;

(e) the date of the meeting or convention;

(f) the number of persons who will attend;

(g) the estimated number of Canadian residents who will attend.

4. Canada customs will reply by letter, advising the procedures that will apply to your event. Make sure you or your broker have a copy of this letter when your goods are cleared. If you have any questions or your plans change, contact Canada Customs and your customs broker immediately.

Individuals travelling to Canada may import 40 oz. of liquor/wine or 288 oz. of beer. Gifts up to $60 in value (excluding alcohol, tobacco products and advertising matter) are duty-free. Up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 400 grams (14 ounces) of loose tobacco and 400 tobacco sticks may be brought in for personal use.

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